White supremacist who sent fake anthrax to Queen jailed for 12 years

A white supremacist who triggered a full-scale security alert after sending fake anthrax to the Queen with a threatening note saying “the clowns r coming 4 you” has been jailed for 12 and a half years.

David Parnham penned similar letters to the then prime minister, Theresa May, the former PM David Cameron, two bishops and the Home Office during a two-year hate campaign.

The 36-year-old IT systems analyst also sent “Punish a Muslim Day” letters to mosques and high-profile figures last year, encouraging violence against followers of Islam, the Old Bailey heard.

In a bid to cause alarm, he posted white powder in the hope it would be mistaken for anthrax, the court was told. When he sent the Queen an envelope containing the substance, it prompted a chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear response, with royal household members kept separate from other staff and becoming anxious for their health and the safety of colleagues.

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Source: The Guardian