Israel Railways builds new cyber-monitoring center

This month, Israel Railways is launching a new innovative cyber-monitoring center (SOC) unifying the OT/IT networks. This was revealed at the transportation panel from Cybertech’s exclusive seminar, in collaboration with Fortinet.

“Israel Railways is considered critical infrastructure. Furthermore, it’s a transportation infrastructure that demands security measures, as we wouldn’t want to witness a train accident. Three years ago, when the cyber unit was formed the OT and the IT environments were separated, creating a challenge in unifying them, whereas today, we see the two environments as one. This is an organizational target, to create a Synchronization between the two environments. These days we are building an SOC for the train, where we wish to combine both environments” noted Yael Mor, Head of Cyber Unit at Israel Railways, CISO, at the Cybertech seminar held today.

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Source: Arutz Sheva