Highly dangerous radioactive materials stolen four years ago still missing

The Gardai have yet to find radioactive materials which were stolen in Dublin four years ago.

The seven lightning preventers, which were taken from a unit in Swords, were described by the gardaí at the time as “highly dangerous”.

The materials were contained in a red metal box which had radiation warning signs on it.

They were stored under lock and key and were scheduled to be recycled in Germany.

While they look like aluminium or scrap metal, the gardaí state they have “no scrap value” and should not be touched.

This material is understood to have a very high dose of radiation and is extremely hazardous to the health of anyone who comes into contact with them.

The Radiological Protection Institute of Ireland said ”if handled they will cause radioactive contamination to the person’s hands and clothing with the possibly of internal radioactive contamination.

“Close proximity to these sources will result in a person exceeding the annual radiation dose limit in a matter of hours.”

It’s believed whoever took the materials may have been taken by someone who was unaware of the dangers, and may have since discarded them.

The gardaí said the investigation is ongoing and they are still appealing for information. They added that there have been arrests made in relation to the burglary.

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Source: TheJournal.ie