Fake explosives hidden in mobile phone spark bomb scare during X-ray checks at India’s Mangalore Airport

Fake explosives packed into a mobile phone today sparked a bomb alert at India’s southern Mangalore Airport.

Security staff discovered the device while screening a 26-year-old travelling to Dubai. He has been identified only as ‘M. Mohammed’.

An officer spotted the suspicious scan and found a ‘clay-like substance’ inside the mobile phone power bank.

The airport’s dog squad gave ‘mixed signals’ after sniffing the bag but an explosive trace test ultimately confirmed that it was not a viable device.

Airline IndiGoo had earlier tweeted: ‘IndiGo’s alert security screener staff at Mangalore caught a suspect carrying an alleged cellphone bomb today.

‘The matter has been reported to the local police. Since it is a sensitive security matter we have nothing more to share.’

Police across the globe are on high alert for suspect devices after British spies uncovered a plot by terrorists to set off a home-made mobile phone bomb in the run-up to Christmas last year.

It came just months after ISIS jihadis allegedly attempted to smuggle a handheld device onto an Etihad jet in Australia in a terrifying bid to blow hundreds of innocent passengers out of the sky during a flight to the Middle East.

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Source: Mail Online