ISIS test flying anti-aircraft mines made out of PLASTIC BAGS to blow up western fighter jets

ISIS are trying to use floating plastic bag bombs to down jets and create no-fly zones above parts of Iraq and Syria under the terror group’s control.

The group have launched a how to guide for fellow terrorists, explaining how flying mines can be made from the bags, hydrogen and bullets.

If hit by an allied fighter jet, the bullets could be sucked into the engine and explode, downing the aircraft – which have been used to bomb ISIS-held areas – it claims.

The video, created by Abu Ayyub al-Baghdadi, has been handed to other ISIS fighters as they try to counter the more advanced technology of opposition fighters.

ISIS is infamous for using home-made weapons and explosives, including DIY rockets made from gas canisters found when Iraqi forces recaptured the town of Ramadi in December.

Last year, ISIS fighters were filmed using condoms to create anti-aircraft weapons – similar to the plastic bag bombs – to imitate barrage balloons used by the allies in World War One.

It is also feared that ISIS fighters may use drones to launch attacks on Britain after it was found that they had used them to launch explosives and spy cameras in Iraq.

In August, ISIS fighters in Afghanistan released photos they claim proved they had captured weapons and equipment that belonged to US soldiers.

The photos, published on social media, showed an American portable rocket launcher, radio, grenades and other gear not commonly used by Afghan troops, as well as close-up views of identification cards for US army soldier Ryan Larson.

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