What is spoofing and how can you ensure GPS security?

As technological advances make GPS/GNSS devices more affordable, our lives are becoming increasingly dependent on precise positioning and timing. The aviation sector has been using precise positioning GNSS for decades to help guide airplanes in landing approaches especially during difficult weather conditions.

The American WAAS and the European EGNOS are SBAS reference networks which provide airplanes with corrections needed for high-accuracy positioning. Such safety-critical receivers as those onboard airplanes and in SBAS networks must be robust against jamming and spoofing, to ensure security in aviation positioning.

GNSS refers to constellations of satellites broadcasting signals from space that transmit positioning and timing information to GNSS receivers on Earth. The receivers then use this information to determine their location. These systems include the American GPS, European Galileo, Russian GLONASS, Chinese BeiDou, Japanese QZSS (Michibiki) and the Indian NAVIC system.

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Source:  Aerospace Testing International