Industrial Control Systems, Cyber Security and Hygiene

SamSam, Shamoon, Stuxnet and Triton are just some of the popular viruses that have been targeted at Industrial Control Systems (ICS). They have caused a lot of damage. Triton’s purpose was causing loss of life; now, that is serious. In the IT security environment, we do not hear about cyberattacks causing loss of life but in an operational environment it is different.

In the IT security world, we follow the confidentiality, integrity and availability (CIA) triad but in the operational technology (OT) security world this is reversed to availability, integrity and confidentiality (AIC). Availability of the control systems is an absolute priority. By having these control systems ‘talking’ and controlling one another ensures assets can maintain the safety of the equipment, while making sure the production is run with minimum intervention. The industrial control systems successfully run the national infrastructures, manufacturing units, energy, communications etc.

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Source: Offshore Engineer