TSA’s ‘Biometric Roadmap’ may need more funding under new law, former deputy administrator says

While the recently passed Transportation Security Administration [TSA] Modernization Act “will guide our efforts to modernize aviation passenger identity verification over the coming years,” and “aligns with and supports the 2018-2026 TSA Strategy [that] defines clear pathways to improve security, safeguard the nation’s transportation system, and accelerate the speed of action through smart investments and collaborative partnerships,” TSA Administrator David P. Pekoske said in response to the new law, former TSA Deputy Administrator John Halinski told Biometric Update that, “The compliance/reporting piece mandated by Congress will be a work in progress for TSA and Customs and Border Protection [CBP].”

Halinski, who served as TSA’s Deputy Administrator responsible for growing TSA into a high-performance counterterrorism agency, explained that TSA’s Biometrics Roadmap for Aviation Security & the Passenger Experience –which was issued soon after the legislation became law — “The roadmap doesn’t address how TSA and CBP will evaluate and report [the law’s mandated reporting and compliance] findings to Congress.

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Source: Biometric Update