The European Commission Has Prepared a Series of New Measures Against Terrorism

As announced by President Juncker in his 2017 State of the Union Address, the Commission is today presenting alongside its 11th Security Union Report a set of operational and practical measures to better defend EU citizens against terrorist threats and deliver a Europe that protects. The measures aim to address vulnerabilities exposed by recent attacks and will support Member States in protecting public spaces and help deprive terrorists of the means to act. The Commission is also proposing to further strengthen the EU’s external action on counter-terrorism — including through Europol — and is recommending the EU open negotiations on a revised Passenger Name Record agreement with Canada.

Protecting public spaces

With terrorists increasingly targeting public and crowded spaces, as shown by the recent attacks in Barcelona, London, Manchester and Stockholm, the Commission is today presenting an Action Plan to step up the support to Member States efforts to protect and reduce the vulnerability of public spaces. Measures include:

Increased financial support: The Commission is today providing €18.5 million from the Internal Security Fund to support transnational projects improving the protection of public spaces. In 2018, a further €100 million from the Urban Innovative Actions will support cities investing in security solutions.

Guidance material: Over the next year, the Commission will issue new guidance material to help Member States address a wide range of issues related to the protection of public spaces and raising public awareness. The guidance will include technical “security by design” solutions to make public spaces more secure while preserving their open and public nature.

Exchange of best practices: The Commission will establish a Practitioners’ Forum and set up a High Risk Security Network in November to provide a platform for common training and joint exercises to improve preparedness against attacks.

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