Terror attacks on flights remain ‘distinct possibility’

Successful terrorist attacks on-board flights remain a “distinct possibility,” with organisations such as Daesh and Al Qaida presenting an enduring threat to the aviation industry, experts warned on Sunday.

“Despite our best efforts, successful attacks remain a distinct possibility. Aviation is an iconic and impactful target, which provides the sort of platform terrorists seek … This is a fight we can only win together by using our shared intelligence and resources from people to processors and equipment,” said Lord Callanan, the UK’s Minister for Aviation.

Speaking at the Aviation Security Global conference in Dubai, Callanan added that there is a need to invest in research and new technologies in order to stay a step ahead of any threats.

He pointed that “threats of this magnitude” also require a strong security culture at every stage of a passenger’s journey and at every airport.

“Terrorists will continue to develop devices to evade detections at the airport security check points. Therefore, the security measures we seek to implement are essential. Airport security checks are no longer a nice-to-have; they’re a must-have, without which we leave ourselves vulnerable,” Callanan said.

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Source: Gulf News