Police Scotland and Northumbria Police test terrorism response

Police forces in Scotland and England have begun a three-day counter-terrorism exercise to test the responses of the emergency services to a cross-border incident.

The “live-play scenario” started with a simulated vehicle attack at the Royal Bank of Scotland headquarters at Gogarburn on Tuesday.

It also will involve sites across the Lothians and Northumberland.

The public may notice increased noise and emergency services activity.

The exercise is not in response to any specific threat.

The Home Secretary, Amber Rudd, will chair a COBR (Cabinet Office Briefing Room) meeting as part of the exercise, involving ministers from both the UK and Scottish governments.

The Scottish government resilience room has also been stood up to provide Scottish ministers with updates during the exercise.

Named, Border Reiver, the exercise has taken more than a year of planning and is part of a series of similar operations aimed at giving the emergency services, governments and other agencies practice for terrorist incidents.

Members of the public will not be involved and the exercise areas are cordoned-off.

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Source: BBC News