Insider threats to be combated in Australian airports with closer scrutiny on workers

Since a foiled plot in July, the Australian Government has been ramping up airport security with various measures. The latest tackle insider threats.

Employees at Australian airports will soon be subjected to random searches and checks as authorities move to neutralise insider threats, ministers announced on Sunday.

The measures are amendments of the Aviation Transport Security Regulations 2005 and come as part of an overall tightening of security in the country following the foiled bomb attack planned on a flight from Sydney. Other steps include tighter access controls and additional security awareness training.

Minister for Infrastructure and Transport Darren Chester said: “Airport workers, together with their vehicles and belongings, will be randomly selected for explosive trace detection testing and other screening when entering or working in secure airside areas at major airports.

“Other measures being introduced include stronger access controls and additional security awareness training for aviation workers.

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Source: International Airport Review