BT and Interpol team up to combat cyber-crime

BT has announced that it is the first telecommunications provider to sign an exchange data agreement with Interpol to combat global cyber-crime.

The agreement was signed at the Interpol Global Complex for Innovation (IGCI) in Singapore and provides the framework for threat information exchange focussing on data relating to cyber-space, emerging and known cyber-threats and malicious attacks.

Under the scope of the agreement BT’s experts will provide the IGCI with its knowledge and expertise on global threats and will support the IGCI in identifying and stopping cyber-criminals around the world.

Noboru Nakatani, executive director of the IGCI, said: “The scale and complexity of today’s cyber-threat landscape means cooperation across all sectors is essential if we are to effectively combat this global phenomenon. Interpol’s agreement with BT is an important step in our continued efforts to ensure law enforcement worldwide has access to the information they need to combat these evolving cyber threats.”

Earlier this year BT was selected by Interpol as one of only seven international companies with security expertise to assist in an operation to combat cyber-crime in south-east Asia. Based at the company’s security operations centre in Singapore, BT’s threat intelligence and investigation team provided information on regional threats, including data relating to local hactivist groups and phishing sites.

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Source: Global Telecoms Business