UK plans for satellite navigation system in doubt after Brexit

Britain will not have access to the EU’s Galileo system post-Brexit and other nations have grabbed signals in alternative systems.

Government plans to build Britain’s own satellite navigation system could hit the buffers because other countries have already claimed the signal space, Sky News has learned.

The UK will no longer have access to the military grade signal of the EU’s Galileo system after Brexit – unless it renegotiates access – and it is looking at plans to build an alternative at a cost of £3-5bn.

But the US, Russia, China, Japan and India also have sat nav systems in operation, each with their own high precision signal for security use and a less accurate public signal.

Bleddyn Bowen, an expert in space policy at Leicester University, told Sky News that the entire spectrum of useable radio frequencies has been shared out between the countries, with no spare capacity.


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Source: Sky News.