IIoT smart factories are leaving doors open for cyber attacks

IIoT might bring benefits in productivity, efficiency, and accountability in manufacturing, but it’s also making companies more vulnerable to cyber attacks.

The industrial internet of things (IIoT)— the digital ‘mesh’ of interconnected sensors at the backbone of today’s ‘smart factories’— is steadily revolutionizing the manufacturing industry.

Integrating IIoT technology into manufacturing means a stream of real-time data can be acquired and fed back to industrial control systems (ICS), offering insights into current and future performance, providing maintenance updates, and giving customers the possibility to track orders, to name just a few potential use cases.

But while the benefits of IIoT are undeniable in manufacturing across multiple industries— energy and utilities, oil and gas, pharmaceutical and chemical production, food and beverage— the connected, always-online nature of these systems means entire factories could be vulnerable to often devastating cyber attacks.

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Source: TechIO