Airport security threats: combating the enemy within

Since the 9/11 al-Qaeda attacks on the US, most travellers have got used to the sight of fortified airports around the world. Few people these days are surprised to see barriers and other physical protection measures around them, as well as the presence of armed police patrols.

An airport is an enormous, complex operation, and while on the surface one that is more physically secure is reassuring for travellers – and acts as a bulwark against a possible terror attack – there is also a hidden threat from inside the airport environment. This threat has no boundaries and exists across all airports and countries. Here, the “insider” has the ability to overcome many of these overt security measures if they want to target and threaten passengers or the wider population.

As soon as the term insider is used, people think of terrorism in the context of the “radicalised” or “terrorist” insider.

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Source: The Conversation