Millions of Lloyds and Halifax customers are locked out of their online accounts after an internet banking glitch

Millions of Lloyds and Halifax customers have been unable to access their accounts after the online and mobile apps crashed.

Furious users have taken to social media to demand answers after they found themselves locked out.

The banks’ mobile apps and online services remain inaccessible for many – with some asking if they have been hacked.

Lloyds Banking Group, which represents both banks, told MailOnline the issue was ongoing and it was unclear what was causing the problem.

Some panicked customers suggested the banks may have been hacked.

Many woke up to the glitch this morning, and were told to use phone banking or find a branch to access their accounts.

Some people have been sent error messages while other customers have been told they don’t even have an account with the bank.

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Source: MailOnline