The Critical Infrastructure of Space

For those of us who affectionately call ourselves “space cadets,” we’ve always thought outer space is cool and inspiring. From pioneering astronauts, big telescopes, deep space probes and planetary rovers, all you have to do is mention one of those things and those of us who are space junkies can tell you all about our favorite missions. As fun and visually photogenic as any of those things might be, there is another set of words that people are enthusiastically talking about in terms of space – critical infrastructure.

For generations, we’ve classified infrastructure as the physical and operational structures that help make our lives and country run. These are the pieces of our world that include roads, bridges, power plants, airports, hospitals, banks, schools, farms and more that make daily life possible. Operating in tandem with them are the essential pieces of government, public safety and the military that provide a country and community with order and stability. And whenever any of those infrastructures fails to operate effectively, like a falling domino, it can knock everything out of whack causing a series of cascading problems.


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