The Kenya–Somalia Maritime Dispute and Its Potential National Security Costs

The at-times fraught relationship between Kenya and Somalia took a new turn in 2014, when Somalia submitted a compromis before the International Court of Justice (ICJ) claiming that Kenya was conducting illegal acts in what Somalia claimed to be part of its territory. The territory in question is a 100,000 square kilometer (38,610 square mile) triangular patch created by projecting the Kenya-Somali border eastward into the Indian Ocean.

Kenya filed a counter-memorial in early 2017 arguing that Somalia’s claim was contrary to the two states’ 35-year tradition that the maritime boundary between the two ought to run along a parallel of latitude rather than the equidistant line that Somalia has now claimed. Kenya also argued that this “parallel of latitude” agreement was decreed in 1979 and “revised for greater accuracy” in 2005.

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Source: Lawfare