Sweeping Changes To NZ Aviation Legislation Proposed

New Zealand’s government has proposed sweeping changes to the regulation of the country’s aviation sector, from damaged or lost luggage compensation, drug and alcohol management and the assessment of airline alliances, to making it an offence to harm or assault an aviation security officer’s dog.

The overhaul was part of a new Civil Aviation Bill announced on Friday by New Zealand Transport Minister Phil Twyford.

The bill, which sought to combine the Airport Authorities Act 1966 and the Civil Aviation Act 1990 and currently ran to about 400 clauses, was expected to be introduced to Parliament within the next 12 months and passed in mid to late 2020.

“Safety is our top transport priority and the proposed laws will make our airports, and flying, safer for New Zealanders and visitors to our country,” Tyford said in a statement.

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Source:Australian Aviation