Map: These are the places in France with the highest levels of nuclear waste

Greenpeace has come up with a map showing exactly where levels of nuclear waste are highest in France. Find out if your area is affected.

Sixty years of nuclear plants in France and 58 of them in total… but where does the waste end up?

Well, now we can find out, thanks to NGO Greenpeace which has come up with an interactive map showing the locations of the 70 main storage sites and the routes used to transport nuclear waste in France.

France’s National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (ANDRA) is set to make a similar map available to the French public however Yannick Rousselet, who focuses on nuclear energy at Greenpeace, argues that the agency is “mixing apples and oranges” by including, for example, medical waste.

The NGO’s map, first published in Le Parisien, is an attempt on the part of Greenpeace to “set the record straight”.

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