Body scanners to replace metal detectors at airport

Airport operator, GVK, has called for an expression of interest for the supply of body scanners for installation at Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj International Airport. These scanners will replace the existing door frame metal detectors and hand-held scanners, besides pat-down searches of the passengers to detect metallic objects.

“Use of body scanners will save time. Passengers will simply have to step inside the scanner for a few seconds after removing thick clothing, belts, jackets and shoes, which will be scanned by the existing X-ray machines,” a Mumbai International Airport Ltd spokesperson said.

The Central Industrial Security Force, which handles security at all major airports, will operate the body scanners, which will be purchased at a cost of ₹1 crore each. Each scanner is expected to scan 300 passengers per hour.

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Source: The Hindu