A classified DoD network has problems. Now what?

The Defense Information Systems Agency undertook a strategic review In the second half of 2018 of one of the Department of Defense’s most complex IT programs.

The Joint Regional Security Stacks (JRSS) has been a multi-year effort to shrink the cyberattack surface by consolidating countless classified entry points around the world to 25 sites. Officials have said this will not only provide increased security, but also unprecedented situational awareness into the network globally.

The program has continued to receive poor remarks from the Pentagon’s chief weapons tester, who asserted in 2018 that DoD should halt the program.

The most recent assessment noted that JRSS continues to experience operational and technical problems, including high latency and delaying integration. Moreover, JRSS’s poor performance led its senior advisory group and executive committee for DoD’s Joint Information Environment to delay JRSS migration to Central Command, the Marine Corps and defer JRSS deployments for DoD’s secret network until fiscal year 2019.

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