Manchester Arena attack: UK hits out at US ‘leaks’ over terror inquiry

British counter-terrorism officials have hit out at their US counterparts for apparently leaking intelligence to the American media in connection with the Manchester attack inquiry.

The officials suggested trust had been “breached” and the investigation had been “undermined”.

It comes after photographs appearing to show bloodstained fragments from the arena killer’s bomb were published in the US media.

The pictures emerged a day after the bomber’s name was leaked to the American press against the wishes of British police.

Before the crime scene photos were published, the UK Government had issued a warning to American authorities not to reveal details of the terror investigation.

Home Secretary Amber Rudd had said she was “irritated” by the early release of the bomber’s name and she said she had made it “very clear” to US counterparts that no further leaks should happen.

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Source: Sky News.