WHO: Coronavirus disease (COVID-2019) situation report – 65

  • Two new countries/territories/areas from the Western Pacific Region [1], and Eastern Mediterranean Region [1] have reported cases of COVID-19.
  • OpenWHO released its introductory video on COVID-19 in Indian sign language yesterday, which is the first sign language resource on the platform. The video already has nearly 900 enrolments.Courses in additional languages can be found here.
  • As the world tackles the COVID-19 pandemic, it is important to ensure that essential health services and operations continue to be available to protect the lives of people with malaria, TB and other diseases or health conditions. More information can be found here and here.
  • EPI-WIN, WHO’s information network for epidemics, makes easy-to-understand advice and information available on a dedicated page on the WHO website. EPI-WIN is also providing employers and workers with timely information through regular calls. More information can be found on the web here and in Subject in Focus

SITUATION IN NUMBERS total (new) cases in last 24 hours
– Globally 41,3467 confirmed (40,712) 18,433 deaths (2,202)
– Western Pacific Region 97,766 confirmed (1,186) 3,518 deaths (16)
– European Region 220,516 confirmed (25,007) 11,986 deaths (1,797)
– South-East Asia Region 2,344 confirmed (354) 72 deaths (7)
– Eastern Mediterranean Region 29,631 confirmed (2,416) 2,008 deaths (131)
– Region of the Americas 60,834 confirmed (11,390) 813 deaths (248)
– African Region 1,664 confirmed (359) 29 deaths (3)

Global Level – Very High

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Source:  WHO