UK MoD put pressure on regulators to delay drone safety warnings, documents reveal

The Ministry of Defence put pressure on regulators to delay safety warnings about a new drone it planned to fly over British skies to avoid tipping off protesters, according to official documents obtained by the Guardian.

They reveal how the ministry was embroiled in a behind-the-scenes row with British safety regulators over the US-built drone, which was being flown from North Dakota to a military base in Gloucestershire.

The drone, named “Protector”, will be able to attack targets in many parts of the world with precision missiles and laser-guided bombs. With a wingspan of 24 metres, it can remain airborne for up to 40 hours with a maximum speed of 240mph. It will replace the current generation of drones, known as Reapers, which are not permitted to fly over Britain because of safety issues.

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Source: The Guardian