Thailand: Series of Bomb Attacks Strike Southern Region

Several small bombs exploded in the Deep South and in two nearby provinces beginning late Saturday, officials said Sunday, the day insurgents marked the 110th anniversary of a treaty where Thailand returned parts of its far south to Britain.

Attackers successfully detonated bombs at public places in Pakpayoon district and Maung district of Pattalung province, followed by two explosions at Satun’s Maung district police station, police said, adding no one was injured by the blasts. The bombs were set off two weeks before junta-ruled Thailand was scheduled to hold its first general election since the military seized power through a coup five years ago.

Both provinces are adjacent to the northern section of the Deep South, where a bomb was defused in Rue Soh, a district in Narathiwat, along with another in Yala’s Bannang Sata district, officials said.

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Source: ReliefWeb