Safety experts concerned by repeated security lapses at Dhaka airport

Recent security lapses at Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport in Dhaka have raised eyebrows among safety experts, as multiple passengers have managed to sneak firearms past terminal gates.

Lax security at the airport not only poses threats for passengers, but also negatively affects Bangladesh’s image in the international arena, the experts added.

The issue of airport security entered the limelight after 23-year-old Md Palash Ahmed, alias Mahibi Jahan, hijacked Biman flight BG-147 after it took off from Dhaka and was heading to Chittagong on February 24.

According to the authorities concerned, the metal detector did not raise any alarms as the gun was fake, and Palash consequently managed to avoid a body search. CCTV footage did not capture anything out of the ordinary at the time.

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Source: Dhaka Tribune