BA seeks patrolling on routes out to 30 nautical miles at Islamabad International Airport

British Airways, which is planning to commence operations in Pakistan from June 2/3, 2019 is reportedly worried about threat from Man-Portable Air Defence System (ManPADs), seeking patrolling at 30 nautical miles during the arrival and departure of its aircraft, well informed sources told Business Recorder.

British High Commission in Islamabad, sources said, is in contact with the Ministry of Interior and Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). The Airlines Director John Monks stated that he is delighted to be returning to Pakistan at this exciting time in Pakistan’s history and hopes that the airline makes its small contribution to government’s efforts to bring prosperity and enduring stability to the country.

“There remain a numbers of security related issues to finalise ahead of the inaugural flight on June 2-3. 2019, but we are confident that the gaps can be closed,” said the key BA’s official saying in communication with the Government of Pakistan.

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Source: Business Recorder