US-UK Talks May Point Toward Biometric Airport Screening in Britain

High-level discussions between US and UK government authorities may point toward the rise of biometric border screening the latter as such efforts continue to intensify in America.

The roundtable discussion was held between Secretary of Homeland Security Kirstjen M. Nielsen and Amber Rudd, the UK’s Home Secretary, as well as leaders from the aviation industry. Commenting on the talks in a statement, Nielsen said she is “grateful for the close collaboration with our UK partners, air cargo, airline and airport leaders in raising the global bar for aviation security.” While Nielsen did not name the specific means with which the partners had improved security, her comments come shortly after the US Customs and Border Protection Agency received criticism from the Electronic Frontier Foundation over its collaborative work with private sector partners in implementing biometric airport screening in America, with the EFF arguing that the CBP was relying too much on its partners to handle the sensitive data of citizens. In emphasizing the roles of “air cargo, airline and airport leaders” in improving security, Nielsen both gestures toward these biometric border control deployments and insists upon the importance of private sector collaboration.


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Source: Find Biometrics.