Gunman claiming links to Isis takes hostages at supermarket in southern France

A gunman claiming allegiance to the Islamic State group fired shots and took hostages at a supermarket in southwestern France on Friday. The latest reports say two people were feared dead in an incident French prosecutors are treating as a terror attack.

Main Info

  • Gunman opens fire and takes hostages in supermarket in Trèbes near Carcassonne
  • Unconfirmed reports that two hostages were killed
  • Supermarket gunman claims links to Isis
  • Gunman now alone in supermarket with member of French security forces, latest reports say
  • Earlier incident saw gunman open fire on police who were jogging
  • One officer left injured
  • Two incidents believed to be linked

Security forces responded to two separate incidents, one at a supermarket in the town of Trèbes and the second, a 15-minute drive away, in the town of Carcassonne where a policeman was shot.

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