The EU strengthens rules on home-made explosives and fight against terrorist financing

Today, the Council adopted two important priority files under the Security Union which strengthen EU rules on explosives precursors and facilitate law-enforcement access to financial information. The reinforced rules on explosives precursors will ensure stronger safeguards and controls, including online, on the sale and marketing of the dangerous chemicals, which have been used to produce “home-made” explosives in a number of terror attacks in Europe. The new measures on access to financial information will allow law enforcement to obtain important financial information across borders quickly, helping them fight serious crime and terrorism more effectively.

Commissioner for Migration, Home Affairs and Citizenship Dimitris Avramopoulos said: “Terrorists and criminals will find it much harder to get their hands on dangerous chemicals to produce home-made bombs or money to fuel their crimes. I am glad to see that the Security Union we have been building over the past 5 years is progressing steadily and that we are closing the most pertinent security loopholes.”

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Source: EU News