Forget BlueKeep: Beware the GoldBrute

A botnet has appeared that has attempted to brute-force 1.5 million RDP connections to Windows systems in the last few days — and counting.

While everyone’s talking about the BlueKeep Mega-Worm, this is not the main monster to fear, according to recent web attack activity. Rather, a researcher is warning that the GoldBrute botnet poses the greatest threat to Windows systems right now.

In the past few days, GoldBrute (named after the Java class it uses) has attempted to brute-force Remote Desktop Protocol (RDP) connections for 1.5 million Windows systems and counting, according to Morphus Labs chief research officer Renato Marinho. The botnet is actively scanning the internet for machines with RDP exposed, and trying out weak or reused passwords to see if it can gain access to the systems.

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Source:  ThreatPost