Defence, Energy, Oil & Gas Sectors Most Targeted Among Cyber-Attacks in India

With an evident increase in the frequency and volume of cyber-attacks on India, government sectors are in the foremost line of fire. Explaining the rise of targeted cyber-attacks in India to News18, Saurabh Sharma, senior security researcher at Kaspersky APAC’s global research and analysis team, said, “Most of the cyber attacks on Indian government are targeting the defence and energy sectors.”

Further adding to this, Sidharth Mutreja, enterprise solutions architect at Kaspersky APAC, stated that alongside defence and energy sectors, cyber-attacks in India also predominantly target banking and finance, as well as “critical infrastructures”, such as oil and gas. Elucidating on targeted attacks on Indian government infrastructure, Mutreja added, “We see very sophisticated attacks coming in, which are also constantly evolving in technique to fly under the radar. These are referred to as APTs, or Advanced Persistent Threats. Typically, APTs have a life cycle of 200+ days, during which it looks at multiple avenues to breach.”

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Source: Tech News