Saab to boost security for Australian government agencies

Defence and security company Saab has been awarded a contract to enhance security measures at strategic Australian Government facilities under a transformation project in response to increased threats.

Under the contract Saab Australia will deliver an integrated security system which will monitor, identify and communicate threats, protecting public servants working in an increasingly volatile environment.
“Integrated security systems like this have been adopted by the UK and USA to proactively manage access and identify threats as we see more random attacks on agencies and within public spaces”, said Mark Slade, Civil Security Manager, Saab Australia.
The system to be rolled out nationally is based on Saab’s OneView security platform currently installed in 28 high-security prisons and defence bases across Australia and New Zealand.
“Our OneView security system combines and manages a wide range of security surveillance equipment in real time providing the best available situational awareness in and around facilities to defuse situations before they eventuate,” said Mr Slade.
Over the past four years, Saab’s installed similar systems in defence bases, detention centres, high-security prisons and remand centres across Australia with great success.
The systems will be rolled out during 2017 and 2018 as part of a broader program to harden and secure public facilities against emerging threats.

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Source: Saab Group