American Airlines and Analogic Corporation Announce Partnership to Enhance Aviation Security

American Airlines and Analogic Corp. announced a joint partnership that will greatly expand the use of Computed tomography (CT) technology at airports worldwide. State-of-the-art CT checkpoint technology that successfully completes the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) certification and qualification process is expected to provide an enhanced level of detection for aviation security officials. This technology provides officials with scanning equipment that more clearly identifies potential threat items, including those concealed within personal electronic devices (PEDs).

As part of this partnership, American Airlines will purchase multiple units of the Analogic ConneCT aviation checkpoint security screening system, making it the official launch customer of ConneCT, a breakthrough in checkpoint security scanning technology. ConneCT is designed to enhance aviation security and increase passenger throughput using an upgradeable CT platform.

“At American, we are always looking at ways to invest in technology that enhances global aviation security while improving the customer experience,” said Kerry Philipovitch, American Airlines Senior Vice President – Customer Experience. “We believe strongly in risk-based, intelligence-driven security protocols, which enable the aviation industry to identify, manage and mitigate risk. Our partnerships with the TSA and Analogic will transform aviation security by bringing state-of-the-art CT technology to the security checkpoint.”

“After a careful evaluation, American Airlines chose Analogic as its preferred supplier of Checkpoint CT based on several factors including image quality, airport-friendly design and ease of operation,” said Jim Ryan, Analogic senior vice president, security systems. “ConneCT is a culmination of ten years of checkpoint CT research and development and is positioned to be the innovative leader in the aviation security marketplace.”

With features including an open network architecture, industry-leading 3-D imaging technology, and automated threat detection, ConneCT represents a transformative advancement in the security industry, comparable to the advent of the smartphone in the telecom industry. This technology also enables airports and regulators to respond to changing security and operational requirements.

On June 15, the TSA, working collaboratively with American Airlines, began demonstrating CT technology in a checkpoint lane of Terminal 4 at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport (PHX). This was the first time ever that CT technology was deployed to screen carry-on bags. 3-D CT technology could make it possible to allow passengers to leave liquids, gels and aerosols, as well as laptops, in their carry-on bags at all times. This results in a quicker throughput and less bin use.

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