Suicide bombers kill 132 including political candidate in Pakistan election violence

Two suicide bombers have killed 132 people including a political candidate, as violence continues before Pakistan heads to the polls.

Friday’s attacks were the deadliest in Pakistan’s troubled election campaign and took place just before disgraced Nawar Sharif was arrested on his return to the country.

A suicide bomber killed 128, including candidate Siraj Raisani, in the southwest region of Baluchistan, while four others died in a strike in the northwest.

The strike was targeting candidate Akram Khan Durrani, who escaped unhurt, but 20 others were wounded.

Mr Durrani is running against popular former politician Imran Kan and is a candidate of Muttahida Majlis-e-Amal, an election alliance of radical religious groups.

He may have been targeted amid ongoing allegations that Mr Sharif is being kept out of politics to allow the military to maintain power.


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Source: Sky News.