Five terror attacks have been thwarted across England in recent months, Metropolitan Police chief reveals

Police have thwarted five terror attacks in the last three months, some of which were minutes from being carried out, it was revealed today.

Britain has experienced a year of repeated atrocities, starting with Westminster Bridge, before the Manchester suicide bombing, the knife attacks on London Bridge and the van ramming in Finsbury Park.

But Met Police Commissioner Cressida Dick revealed it could have been much worse, with five other attacks disrupted by police.

She told LBC radio: ‘We have thwarted a very large number of plots over the last few years.

‘Just in the last few weeks, five, and overall its well into the teens in the last couple years, where we know people were intent on attack and that’s been stopped.’

She later clarified that five attacks had been stopped in the last ‘three to four months’.

She said some of them were ‘very close to attacks, very close’, some of them just ‘minutes away’.

She added: ‘In addition, hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of arrests of people who are radicalised, and are either spreading hatred or supporting terrorism, or want to carry out a terrorist attack.

‘We have had a huge number of successful operations, together with the intelligence agencies and we work very closely with them and with colleagues overseas.’

Speaking during a radio phone-in, she told Londoners a government review will examine how to tackle the extremism behind the attacks.

She added: ‘I’ve worked for the last 17 years in terrorism trying to fight violent extremism in all its forms and it comes in many forms, as we saw in the Finsbury Park attack, we do see different forms of terrorism.

‘We are undoubtedly seeing recently examples of people who’ve carried out attacks or who are violent extremists who are home-grown or who may have travelled or been influenced by someone overseas but who are living in our communities and that’s a problem for all of us.’

She said the anti-terror hotline is getting more information than ever before from the Muslim community.

‘But we clearly need a lot more, because what has happened in the last few months alone is horrific,’ she added.

She urged schools and other authorities to pass on any information on suspicious individuals to police.

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Source: Daily Mail