Dozens of bullets found in bag of US flight attendant

Police at an airport in Tokyo have launched an investigation after 30 bullets were found in the carry-on bag of an American Airlines flight attendant.

The bullets were loaded in two magazines, and were spotted during a security check before the crew member was due to fly from Narita airport to Texas.

It is believed the American man – who is in his 50s – had entered Japan with the bullets after they went undetected during security checks at US airports.

The flight attendant was not carrying a gun, and he told police he had forgotten to take the bullets out of his luggage before his initial flight to Tokyo.

Keeping bullets in carry-on bags on flights is illegal under US law.

Police released the man without charge on Saturday and he has promised to co-operate in any future investigation, as has American Airlines.

Questions are now being asked as to how he was able to walk through US security checks unchallenged, and how the bullets went undetected for so long.

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Source: Sky News