Unexploded IED found at Shenzhen border control point

An improvised explosive device was discovered in a rubbish bin at the Shenzhen Bay Control Point on Tuesday morning, just 12 hours after a Hong Kong public toilet was set ablaze by a suspected home-made bomb, making it the third such incident in the past 48 hours

The palm-sized device at the border station, which police said contained a nitrate-based explosive, was discovered by a security guard at about 10.25am on Tuesday and drew about 20 police officers in riot gear to the scene. No injuries were reported.

A message circulating afterward on the encrypted Telegram messaging app, nearly identical to one that followed Monday morning’s bombing at the Caritas Medical Centre in Cheung Sha Wan, seemed to claim responsibility for the border incident, saying it was “only a start” and demanding the government “close the border in two days”.

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Source: South China Morning Post