Somalia: Turkish workers wounded in deadly al-Shabab car bombing

At least four people have been killed and 15 others wounded in a suicide car bomb attack claimed by the al-Shabab group near the capital of Somalia, according to authorities.

Both Turkish and Somali officials said those injured in Saturday’s attack near the town of Afgoye, about 30 kilometres (18 miles) southwest of Mogadishu, included Turkish engineers as well as Somali nationals working on a road in the area.

“A speeding suicide car bomb rammed into a place where the Turkish engineers and Somali police were having lunch,” a different police officer, Nur Ali, told the Reuters News Agency.

Somalia-based al-Shabab armed group, which has stepped up activity in the East African country and neighbouring Kenya in recent weeks, claimed responsibility for the attack on their media outlet, Radio Andalus.

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Source: Al Jazeera