Secure 5G networks: Questions and Answers on the EU toolbox

Why is the cybersecurity of 5G networks important?

As a major enabler for future digital services, 5G will play a key role in the development of our digital economy and society in the years to come. From personalised medicine to precision agriculture, from smart energy grids to connected mobility, 5G will potentially affect almost every aspect of EU citizens’ lives. At the same time, due to its less centralised architecture, smart computing power at the edge, the need for more antennas and increased dependency on software, 5G networks offer more potential entry points for attackers. Therefore, ensuring the security of the EU’s future 5G networks is of utmost importance.

While operators are largely responsible for the secure rollout of 5G, and Member States are responsible for national security, network security is an issue of strategic importance for the entire EU.

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Source: European Commission