There’s a cost to not innovating and the public sector risks paying full price

The public sector, by necessity, has always been constrained when it comes to spending on innovation. Budgets are often tighter and even if they’re not, the public purse is under constant scrutiny from taxpayers and citizens.

Regardless, most organisations are moving towards some form of digitisation, and government agencies need to keep pace with the rate of innovation for the sake of taxpayers – and there is a significant downside risk to not innovating.

Rimini Street recently commissioned research from Vanson Bourne into “The State of IT Innovation” which surveyed decision makers across the globe, including in Australia and New Zealand and across both the private and public sector. It found that, on average, all respondents wanted to increase their innovation spend by 15.89 per cent but their organisations planned an increase of 10.94 per cent.

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Source: IT Brief