NotPetya malware victim sues its insurance company

A US food distributor that was hit by the NotPetya cyber attack is taking legal action against its insurance company for refusing to pay out on a $100m claim for damages caused by the hack.

Mondelez, which owns popular brands Oreo and Cadbury, was hit by NotPetya twice in 2017, suffering significant damage to its IT infrastructure including hardware.

According to court papers filed in Illinois, seen by the Financial Times, 1,700 of Mondelez servers and 24,000 of its laptops were rendered “permanently dysfunctional”.

NotPetya was first discovered in June 2017 and, unlike most ransomware, it wasn’t designed to encrypt files for extortion. Indeed, its simple goal was to cause as much damage as possible and spread within an infected network, permanently scrambling filesystems.

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Source: ITPro