Drone jamming system to protect European airports, public spaces

‘There are some who are using them for criminal acts. For example, drones are being used to smuggle drugs, telephones or other stuff into prisons. That is a very specific use case where the pilot is deliberately breaking the rules.

‘There is another category where we categorise it as terrorism or harassment, which is what we have been looking at over the past few years. The military, for example, is concerned about direct attacks. There are soldiers who are being attacked by commercial drones that have been retrofitted with grenades or other explosives.

‘At the height of the conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan, there were a lot of roadside bombs that used improvised explosive devices or IED. Now that IED is actually flying. It’s not dug into the dirt at the side of the road but is strapped onto a simple drone and flown into a vehicle or crowd of people.

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