RAF Brize Norton Receives New Aviation Security Screening Equipment

RAF Brize Norton has become the first Unit to take delivery of brand new state-of-the-art security screening equipment, which has been installed within the airport terminal.

It is a process many readers will be familiar with, the rush to place metals, electronic devices and liquids into plastic trays before embarking through an archway metal detector in the hope of emerging unscathed on the other side, and without hearing the dreaded ‘beep’. However, passengers recently travelling through RAF Brize Norton will have noticed a significant change to the security screening process and, indeed, the technology supporting it.

The upgrade includes the installation of a dual-view x-ray scanner for hand luggage, giving the operator a much clearer image in comparison with the single view image provided by earlier technology. Likewise, the new enhanced walk-through multi-zone metal detector allows for superior detection and throughput with a much higher discrimination of non-threat items, subsequently reducing the rate of alarms when there is no real threat.

Passengers will also notice the addition of a millimetre wave body scanner and explosives & narcotics trace detection systems. Furthermore, the upgrade comes with a fully deployable screening capability which will be held at readiness for contingency operations, all supported by a dynamic maintenance contract intended to limit any disruption to passengers.

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