Morocco’s Airport Security Systems Improve

Rabat – Over the past few years, Morocco has greatly improved its airport security systems, according to the statements of the Ministry of Interior on Tuesday at a meeting in Rabat following an evaluation of national airport security.

The ministry noted that the improved level of security is due to the efforts of officials from various sectors to the upgrade of the national security systems to follow international standards.

During the meeting, which was attended by the delegate Minister of Interior, the leader of Royal Gendarmerie and Director General of the National Security and Territory Surveillance and the head of National Aviation, the minister strestep up its efforts to implement Morocco’s new comprehensive security action.

Hassad praised to the ongoing development of the aviation’s international aviation regulation.  He also focused on the training to improve the competencies of the agents who intervened in the course of dealing with passengers and their luggage.

For their part, the officials emphasized the importance of the various strategic projects that Morocco has launched in bilateral cooperation with several countries, aiming to consolidate their aviation operations.

Source: Morocco World News