U.S. Department of Commerce is tightening IT, telecom supply chain security

The Department of Commerce has proposed a new rule to identify, evaluate and address business transactions involving the use of Chinese-made telecommunications gear in U.S. infrastructure

Supporting the White House’s executive order to secure IT and communications supply chains, the rule would require the Commerce secretary to evaluate individual telecommunications equipment transactions, using a “case-by-case, fact-specific approach” to determine which transactions might be blocked or altered, the agency said. Those determinations would be based on assessments developed by the Department of Homeland Security and national intelligence agencies.

The Commerce Department said it will notify parties engaged in any transaction it may deem having a “risk of public harm” or a danger to national security. Those parties, it said, can submit their arguments for consideration, and the Commerce secretary will then issue an unclassified final determination on the deal.

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Source: GCN