Hunt for Gatwick drone pilot as tens of thousands are left stranded and all flights in and out suspended

Gatwick Airport is closed today after one or more drones were deliberately flown over the runway causing complete chaos for tens of thousands of people trying to get away for Christmas.

Dozens of police officers are now hunting for the pilot who managed to shut down Britain’s second busiest airport and are considering whether to use a sniper to shoot the small unmanned aircraft down.

A million people will fly from Gatwick over the Christmas period and since the chaos started at 9pm last night at least 10,000 people have been stranded with 6,000 diverted elsewhere and 4,000 on planes that never took off with up to 100,000 people facing disruption today.

The airport’s CEO Chris Woodroofe has revealed the incursions are ongoing with the airport closed until at least 11am, adding: ‘I’m absolutely certain this is a deliberate act. There is a drone on my airfield as we speak.’

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Source: MailOnline