Up to 100,000 Canadians could wrongly be on no-fly list, research suggests

The federal government won’t disclose how many people are on the country’s no-fly list, but research by two University of Western Ontario students suggests as many as 100,000 Canadians are being falsely flagged as suspected terrorists.

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is facing pressure from Liberal and opposition MPs to fund the establishment of an independent no-fly-list computer system to stop the false positives that have made travel difficult for law-abiding Canadian airline passengers and their children.

In 2007, Ottawa said the no-fly list contained up to 2,000 people listed as “an immediate threat to civil aviation” under the Passenger Protect Program but, for security reasons, it has since refused to share the number even though the Office of the Information Commissioner has gone to court to seek this information.

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Source: The Globe and Mail